From working out to eating healthy, you must be consistent with your fitness regimen.

Fitness Made Simple: The Core Components for Getting in Shape and Loving Life

Whether you’re just starting in the game of fitness or you’re a seasoned veteran who has spent years sculpting their body and mind, fitness can overwhelm us from time to time. From following a fat-burning workout routine that sculpts our abs to counting calories and macronutrients, we often stagnate and fall behind on our wellness goals and resolutions.

Knowing that revolutionizing our health can be a tricky road to navigate, what are the solutions to our woes? If you are ready to get clear on your intentions and make fitness simple, fun and rewarding, here’s what you should consider moving forward.


Consistency Is King

While this adage may seem overly simplistic in its application, maintaining consistency and focused intention for an extended period can move mountains. The difference between yourself and the people whose lifestyle you desire is the amount of time and effort they’ve invested in their well-being.

Did you know that changing your life can happen within a year? In as little as 365 days, you can change how you look in the mirror and improve your self-image tenfold. If that sounds too good to be true, imagine what could happen if you practice these steps for an entire year:

  • Love the body you’re in, but don’t become complacent
  • Opt for nutritious foods that fuel your body and mind
  • Minimize sugary snacks and fizzy drink consumption
  • Spend more time outdoors in the sun
  • Remain disciplined with your fitness regimen
  • Practice gratitude for the milestones you’ve hit and the results you’ve achieved
  • Regularly help others with their health and fitness goals

If you truly want to change and have given up, realize that you’re within striking distance of making your loftiest goals manifest into reality. Whether you want to lose weight or become healthier than you were in previous years, consistency is the vehicle that will get you there.

And if you think that you will never be able to manage your newfound routine and activities, think again! New science shows that we can change and modify our behavior in as little as two months. That means, in a general sense, that the tasks and chores that you would deem as burdensome become fun and rewarding to perform.

If you can grit your teeth and withstand a few months of tedious activities, those actions will become something you look forward to completing each day! Imagine a world where you wake up, turn off your alarm clock, brush your teeth and head to the gym without procrastinating! While this may seem too good to be true, you can build this habit in a few short weeks.


Using the Right Supplements

Have you used supplements to facilitate your wellness goals and activities at some point in the past? Millions of customers rely on protein powders, energy drinks, fat-loss products and energy-boosting supplements to fuel their workouts and assist with recovery. However, there’s a difference between high-quality supplements and run-of-the-mill products that promise the world and provide little in return.

At IsaaXcess, our motto is to provide supplemental solutions that stand in a league of their own. Our high-end ingredients leave clients feeling fueled, refreshed, satiated and ready to tackle their fitness with newfound vigor and tenacity. Here’s a brief look into the extensive array of supplements and products we’ve engineered just for you:

The Isagenix Ultimate Pack - designed for business.

All of these products are made available for IsaaXcess clientele. Whether you want to get in shape for beach season or you want to revamp your entire lifestyle, IsaaXcess wants to see you grow and succeed in the coming months.

More importantly, Isagenix is formulated and engineered by teams of fitness and health professionals that strive for excellence. Whatever your goals or aspirations may be, IsaaXcess and Isagenix have a solution for your needs that tastes great, is rooted in science and affordable on any budget. If you’re serious about getting healthy in 2021 and beyond, high-quality supplementation is something you have to take seriously.


Tracking Your Progress Daily

Knowing that fitness and wellness revolve around maintaining consistency, you must make an effort to track and record the progress you achieve along the way. From dropping a few sizes in your clothes to losing a few pounds over the weeks and months, logging these events will fuel your ambition to achieve more and uplift your spirits when you feel down.

Be honest with yourself for a moment: Have you found yourself, perhaps weeks or months into a fitness routine, struggling or coming up short on a workout routine? If so, you’re not alone!

By keeping a journal of your previous achievements and moments that took your breath away, you give yourself hope for the future. When you feel down and out and the gym feels like it’s a million miles away, open your log and reflect on your previous victories and thoughts. When you harness and wield the power of hindsight and reflection, you can pull yourself from the clutches of procrastination and an “I’ll do that tomorrow” attitude.

If keeping a detailed log of your fitness journey sounds complicated, here’s what you should consider before starting:

  • Choose your logging medium: pen and paper versus digital entries
  • Date and time each entry in your log
  • Highlight your success, but also detail your failures and shortcomings
  • At the end of each entry, reflect on the lessons learned and strategies gained
  • If you fall short of a specific goal or task, log and theorize why this may have occurred
  • After a series of small ‘wins,’ reward yourself for your behavior
  • Reflect on your log on a weekly, monthly and annual basis for much-needed insight and wisdom

If nutritious food and exercise are the tools to grow your body and lose weight, a detailed log of your life is the tool to expand your mind. By committing to logging your success and failure, you invest in your future self and lifelong success!

Keep a log of your fitness journey.


Join a Fitness Community That Supports and Encourages Your Growth

Success is best when you can share the moment with people who care about your health and well-being. At IsaaXcess, we strive to give a voice to the millions of people around the globe pushing for a better life. Whether you want to get in shape or you need someone behind you encouraging you to keep moving forward, our Canadian-based community will be the platform that you need.

While we serve many Canadian customers with their supplemental needs, we aim to help the entire world become the best version of themselves. From the stay-at-home parent who wants to stay in shape to the entrepreneur that works 16-hour days, IsaaXcess wants to see you flourish and succeed. If you want a place to call home, reach out to us today and see what you’re capable of when you have a community supporting your every move!