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Bedtime Belly Buster -Burn Fat Overnight


Belly busterThe Isagenix community is full of devoted, creative followers. Perhaps one of the most creative devotees is the inventor of the Isagenix Bedtime Belly Buster, Larry Fuchs. Inspired by the idea that consuming protein and calcium before bed could encourage weight loss, promote a more restful night of sleep, and preserve muscle, combined specific Isagenix products to boost his weight loss progress.

Following its humble beginning on social media in 2013, the Bedtime Belly Buster quickly became a sensation. The ever-growing group of followers of the recipe praises its ability to flatten the stomach through the right combination of Isagenix products.

Using Science to Sleep Off Extra Pounds: How the Bedtime Belly Buster Works

The combination of ingredients in the Bedtime Belly Buster may be simple, but it is also powerful. The key behind BBB’s success is the high-quality whey protein the combination provides.

Adequate, high-quality protein performs double duty by supporting restful, healthy sleep patterns and boosting the metabolism. Additionally, whey protein helps create a sense of satisfaction and fullness so you do not end up starving by morning. Even better, it provides a respectable amount of tryptophan, an enzyme responsible for increasing the brain’s production of serotonin – a neurotransmitter that helps induce sleep.

In addition to high-quality whey protein, the other power player in the Bedtime Belly Buster combination is Isagenix AMPED Hydrate (previously named replenish). This potent formula acts as a sleep aid that helps aid the body in the overnight recovery process. Taking this formula before bed helps provide the body with a boost for this recovery process without the need to consume an excess number of calories.


How to Make the Bedtime Belly Buster

Making the Isagenix Bedtime Belly Buster is simple and fast. The ingredients can be combined quickly and enjoyed prior to going to bed. To make the Bedtime Belly Buster, simply follow the recipe below:

BBB Ingredients:

  •  1 scoop of Isagenix IsaPro whey protein concentrate (straight Isagenix whey protein)
  •  1.5 teaspoons of Isagenix AMPED Hydrate (Note: This formula – although still the same great formula – was previously known as Isagenix Replenish)
  •  150 ml of water
  • 2 to 3 ice cubesIsagenix IsaPro Shake

BBB Directions

  1. Combine the IsaPro whey protein concentrate, Isagenix AMPED Hydrate, ice cubes, and water. Using your IsaBlender, blend the ingredients until smooth
  2. Consume the mixture up to an hour before bedtime on any of your Isagenix Shake Days (although it is not recommended to consume on your Cleanse Days)
    Additional Bedtime Belly Buster Combination

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Additional Bedtime Belly Buster Combinations

Countless individuals – as evidenced by the hundreds of ‘before and after’ pictures and testimonials – have reaped the benefits of the powerful Bedtime Belly Buster formula. Many individuals report a reduction in bloating within about 10 days and a significant difference around 4 to 5 weeks.

Enhancing the Benefits of the Bedtime Belly Buster

Recently, some Isagenix members have started using the Isagenix Sleep Support and Renewal Spray to enhance the effects of the BBB. Thanks to its inclusion of melatonin, the Sleep Support, and Renewal Spray helps further improve sleep quality.

Isagenix Brain and Sleep SupportMounting evidence suggests that the amount and quality of an individual’s sleep can have an impact on weight loss. The reason behind the weight loss support is that broken or lost sleep can negatively affect the body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm. If this clock gets out of rhythm, it can have a negative effect on the immune system, appetite regulation, metabolism, and a number of the body’s other systems. The melatonin in Sleep Support & Renewal offers a safe way to help restore normal sleep patterns.

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