Fitness myths can hinder your fitness goals.

7 Fitness Myths That People Still Believe

Regardless of how advanced or well-versed you are with your fitness transformation, you may be following outdated information that hinders your progress. These beliefs can cause your motivation to dwindle, your weight loss to slow down or your gym routine to fall apart.

If you think you may be implementing some of these fitness-related mistakes, it’s OK! Here are the seven fitness myths that need addressing before we make serious gains, both in and out of the gym!


1. Toning

Have you discussed getting into shape with a friend, family member or co-worker in the past? If so, the topic of ‘toning’ inevitably came up in the conversation. Many people, when probed about their fitness goals, exclaim, “I don’t want to get too bulky. I want to tone my body and muscles.”

Essentially, toning refers to lowering one’s body fat percentage into a lean physique. When this occurs, muscles under the skin become visible to the naked eye, clothes fit better, cardiovascular endurance improves and a sense of well-being arises. However, the process of getting to this stage requires more than cardiovascular routines and treadmills!

First and foremost, we need to understand that lifting weights and resistance training paradigms will not cause a bulky physique. Contrary to popular belief, weightlifting allows practitioners to burn more calories throughout the day than traditional cardiovascular exercises. The next time someone tells you they want a toned physique, show them the weight room!


2. Meal Timing

Have you been told that eating meals at the right time will provide better results than eating sporadically throughout the day? While there may be some minuscule benefits for consuming fast-acting carbohydrates immediately after a workout session, meal timing is a myth that needs to be busted!

Rather than looking at your daily food consumption on an hourly basis, think in 24-hour blocks. As long as you’re consuming your essential minerals, macronutrients and hydration requirements during this period, your results in the gym will blossom. Moreover, this alleviates the need for force-feeding and fasting sporadically throughout the day. Instead, eat when you feel hungry and avoid food when you don’t!

You don't necessarily have to eat your meals on time, but you need to eat healthy instead of skipping.


3. All Supplements Are the Same

As our fitness journey progresses, we often turn to supplementation to give us the extra edge that we need to see the results we desire. And while supplements are a great addition to any fitness routine, supplements are not created equal!

Have you found yourself shopping at a local store or market only to grab whatever protein supplement or fat burner that you saw on the shelf? If so, there’s no reason to feel ashamed. These supplements often rely on cheap ingredients and unnatural chemicals to lure customers into buying their products. With IsaaXcess, that’s not the case!

Our extensive array of high-quality supplements aim to make individuals better in every aspect of their lives. Whether you’re a CEO that works 80-hour weeks or someone who wants to shed unwanted weight for the summer months, IsaaXcess has you covered.

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4. Only Specific Diets Work

If you’ve ever discussed dieting in a public setting, you know all too well how susceptible individuals are too quick dietary solutions and grandiose promises. While these diet frameworks may provide results over time, they’re all utilizing the same principle: calories in, calories out.

The fundamental truth behind impressive fat loss and muscle gain is tracking calories daily and consuming fewer calories than our body needs to maintain its current weight.

First, we must calculate how many calories your body needs on any given day. The easiest way to track this amount is to use a calculator that outputs your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). This number is how many calories you can consume throughout the day to maintain your current weight and body composition.

If your goal is to become lean and toned, reduce this number by 300-500. Conversely, if you’re focused on building impressive muscle and strength, add 300 calories to your TDEE requirements. From here, you can fill your food choices with items that fuel your ambition, help your muscles recover and keep you motivated to keep going! Once you understand calories in, calories out, the world becomes your oyster!

Instead on jumping from one diet to another, keeping track of your calorie count is the key.


5. Reducing Fat on Specific Areas of Your Body

Outside of surgical solutions, this is a myth that has persisted for decades. While it may seem like performing hundreds of crunches would remove fat around our midsection, our biology is more complex than that.

Instead, we encourage you to focus on lifelong fat loss and fitness practices so that your problem areas shrink over time. In conjunction with this mindset, understand that each person is different, and your biology may differ from your friends and co-workers.

While they may hold weight in unseen areas of their body, you may find it challenging to lose fat around your midsection, love handles, lower back and inner thighs. However, if you maintain consistency with your diet, calorie tracking and fitness routine, these areas will shrink in the months to come. Here are some ideas and tricks to keep in mind while dieting for long periods:

  • 2 to 3 pounds of weight loss per week is ideal
  • Fibre and protein help you feel satiated longer than carbohydrates and fats
  • Utilize low-calorie snacks such as sugar-free alternatives, seltzer water and gum to curb hunger pangs
  • Use appetite-suppressing tools such as caffeine
  • Incorporate intermittent fasting protocols

Each of these tools, when used daily, will assist you in your weight loss journey. Over time, thwarting off sugary cravings and binging on snacks becomes easier to manage! While targeting specific areas of your body to lose fat is not possible without surgical assistance, hard-to-reach areas will become noticeably smaller as you remain consistent with your diet and exercise routine!


6. Fitness Is a Lonely Road To Travel

We’ve all seen the movies where the main character heads into the gym in the early hours of the morning, sweats in silence and tackles their battles in solitude. Although these practices make for a captivating film plot, they’re not realistic for sustained health and wellness.

New evidence reveals that individuals who tackle their health and fitness with a partner are more likely to experience impressive results from their actions. With that in mind, we encourage you to join our growing fitness community!

IsaaXcess is a Canadian-based fitness community that loves to see people succeed and strive for excellence. Regardless of your geographic location, we want to hear from you! Moreover, our community strives to assist newcomers with their unique challenges, setbacks and circumstances that hinder their progress.

If you’re serious about changing your health and fitness in 2021 and beyond, we want to be the motivation to push you across the finish line. Join our community and see how you can take your health and physique to the next level.

Reaching your fitness goal doesn't have to be lonely. Having gym buddies can help you be motivated.


7. No Pain, No Gain

The mantra that you must be in physical agony to achieve results is not only unfounded, but it can be dangerous when followed. The first few months into your fitness journey may feel like you’ve been hit by a car, and that’s OK! However, as your body becomes accustomed to vigorous exercise and moving heavyweights, the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) starts to trickle away.

We must realize that effective and impactful workouts shouldn’t render us immobile for weeks on end. Instead, we must use specific metrics to gauge how efficient our gym session was, compared to our previous efforts. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when reflecting on your workout routine:

  • Did you workout longer than last time?
  • Were you able to move more weight than a few weeks ago?
  • Was your heart rate elevated during the session?
  • Do you feel euphoric after your workout is complete?
  • Is the scale showing that you’re losing weight?

If these events are occurring, it means your workouts are effective and changing your body day by day. Rather than relying on pain as a motivating factor, look at your track record from weeks and months prior.


The Journey Ahead

Now that you understand some of the myths surrounding the world of health and fitness, it’s time you reach new heights! We highly encourage you to explore the supplements and community that we’ve established at IsaaXcess and see if we’re the foundation that you’ve been looking for after all these years. If you’re ready to become the ultimate version of yourself, allow us to be the guiding light along your pathway!