Global Business Opportunity

A Business Opportunity to Achieve Financial Freedom

Isagenix products have established themselves as true, beneficial supplements that have delivered the positive results that thousands of people have come to rely on for daily wellness and energy. It is also a rapidly growing network marketing firm that has enabled many entrepreneurs to achieve real financial freedom. You are never too old to set another goal or to achieve a new dream. Working for someone else may bring in a pay check, but being your own boss is an adventure few people actually pursue. The Isagenix business opportunity is designed for success whether you are currently fully employed, a homemaker, a student, or a part-time worker.

Starting your own distributorship is quick and easy. You don’t need to invest tons of money, lease a shop, acquire a large inventory, or work long hours every day. All you need is you and your belief in the outstanding quality of the Isagenix program. One outstanding feature of being an independent distributor is that you decide how many hours you put into your home-based business. Of course, it only makes sense that in the beginning you’ll want to spend more time while you are developing your Autoship (automatic monthly shipments) customer base and establishing your own team of business associates. As your income quickly increases, you’ll discover that you are able to spend more time with your family and friends without any money worries. 

 Making Money as an Isagenix Distributor

As a distributor, you’ll earn money from product sales. But, Isagenix has a fabulous compensation system that enables you to earn even more money from the volume of products sold by your team of associates. There are a number of additional incentive and bonus programs that can increase your earnings. They include:

  1. Product Introduction Bonuses (PIB): When you enroll at least two team associates with Autoship during a qualifying commission period, you earn PIB points.
  2. Double PIBs: Enrolling two new associates with Auto-ship during a qualifying commission period, you earn double PIB points.
  3. Rank Advancement Bonuses: As you enroll new team associates, you’ll move up in the Isagenix rankings and acquire financial bonuses along the way.
  4. Team Builders Club: With the enrollment of 5 or more Auto-ship associates and accumulate at least 100 BVs in a single month, you’ll receive free shipments of qualifying Isagenix products.
  5. Holiday Bonus Pool: When you reach and maintain a Manager Rank, or higher, you’re eligible for a chance to win a share of the $4 million Holiday Bonus Pool. The bonus pool is like icing on a cake. It is a financial validation of your efforts and for the success of your own business. Bosses rarely give themselves a bonus, but the Isagenix bonus program recognizes you, your efforts, and your achievements.
  6. Get Paid Daily: How nice would it be to get paid daily for your hard work? When was the last time your boss paid you daily? Probably never.
  7. Global Top Achievers: Bahamas anyone? Wouldn’t you love to earn an all-expenses paid vacation to this exotic location in 2019? Well you can with Isagenix!
  8. Step Up to 2-Star: If you rank advance to 2-star Gold Circle for the first time, you’ll earn an exclusive vacation to Arizona; complete with exclusive training, amazing events, and more.

There are also a number of executive level bonus pools that amount to more financial rewards. And all of these financial opportunities begin the day you become an independent Isagenix distributor. With your dedication, your retail and auto-ship customers, and your ever growing team of business associates, your financial goals are clearly within your reach.

Network marketing is a profitable business. It is a way to connect with thousands of people all over the world and to provide them with a first class product that they might otherwise not know about. And, the Isagenix business opportunity continues to grow as more and more people rely on internet shopping as the most convenient way to make purchases.

Become an Isagenix Distributor

Becoming a Canadian Isagenix distributor is easy! You will need to purchase some product to try and get your business started. The products taste great, effective and full of nutritional goodness. We recommend getting started with the 30 day or Weight Loss Premium Pack to get started. Using them yourself will help you when you go out and talk to others about them. And, it is these very customers who will be interested in, and asking about, how they can become a distributor member within your business team. We recommend selecting auto-ship when you join, so you can take advantage of discounted product prices, promotions and lower membership cost. Once you’ve signed up, we will then be in touch to provide you with our support materials and contact details so we can assist you in building your business.

The fabulous part of being an Isagenix distributor is that your customer audience is not limited to Canada. Isagenix is an international organization and that means that you can both sell your products to, and grow your team of associates from, anyone around the world.  You can have a global business. Your income opportunities are truly limitless.

Are you ready to become your own boss and achieve your financial dreams?

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