Isagenix Guide to Staying Healthy and Fit During Isolation

With millions of us hunkered down here in Canada and throughout the world, many of us are wondering how to stay healthy without access to our typical studio or gym workouts.

The good news is that the right strategies make it easy to switch to a home workout and wellness routine. We have compiled a list of ideas to help you stay in shape at home with minimal effort, space, and investment.

Staying healthy, positive, and fit — even if you spend almost all your time at home — is completely possible and we are here to help.

Ward Off Stress With Healthy Eating & Exercises

As tempting as it may be to sit back, watch your favourite tv show, and snack the days away, it is crucial to fuel your body and stay active right now if you are feeling stressed.

Studies show that exercise can be an effective tool for stress management, so be sure to find some ways to stay moving.

Healthy eating and exercies

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Home workouts

The Best At-Home Workouts: Top Ideas for Staying In Shape In Isolation

Along with using Isagenix products to help fuel your body with optimal nutrition, staying active is another crucial aspect of staying healthy during isolation.

If you were used to attending in-person classes or working out at a gym, we have come up with some easy solutions for coming up with a home workout routine and even setting up your own home gym.

One of our favourite at-home workout options is bodyweight exercises. Along with being extremely effective, bodyweight exercises offer the additional benefits of:

  • Being totally free
  • Requiring minimal space
  • Requiring zero equipment

Examples of excellent bodyweight exercises to do at home include:




Glute Bridges

Tricep Dips

Jumping Jacks
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How To Set Up A Home Gym For Under $100

Along with free online workouts and bodyweight exercises, basic equipment can make a big difference in your strength and endurance gains.

Even if you are not ready to invest in a serious home gym, these affordable options will make you feel like you have your own workout space in the convenience of your home.

Consider which workout approach you would like to focus on (i.e yoga, strength training, HIIT, etc.) and choose options accordingly. Some of our favourite home gym ideas include:

Setup a home gym

Easy Recipes To Stay Healthy At Home

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