Become productitive and fit after COVID-19

How to Get Back Into a Productive Routine After the Pandemic

Over the last six months or so, the world has found itself in a global pandemic that has left many of us without a place to exercise and call home.

While many practitioners have found at-home workouts highly effective, many seemed to have let their health, fitness and diet slip to the wayside. If the latter part of this statement rings true to you — and if it does, don’t feel bad — here’s what you need to know to get back into tip-top shape when the world returns to normal.

Although it may be hard to transition back into your old lifestyle habits, performing these easy-to-follow tips and tricks will get you back into the flow in no time!


Make Realistic Goals

The first mistake you may find yourself falling into once you begin to restart your journey is by diving into your old routine without much thought. “I can do this! I used to work out six days a week, all my meals were clean, I drank plenty of water and I used high-quality supplements. This will be easy!” However as the weeks and months begin to pass by, your dedication and discipline begin to dwindle and the snacks in the back of the pantry start tempting you.

You may tell yourself that a cheat meal won’t hurt your progress, but what happens when you start cheating more frequently? What have you noticed in the past when you would skip gym sessions, opt for fast food instead of a nutritious meal or go to bed later than normal?

Set healthy eating goals

Setting healthy eating goals can help, especially if you’re still working at home.

If you’ve fallen into that downward spiral, you are well aware of how quickly your dreams and progress can unhinge and goals can seem further away than ever before. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament lately, don’t fret! We have the solution.

The first step you need to make after the pandemic begins to subside is by making realistic goals with yourself. Instead of throwing yourself back into your hour-long gym routine, start with a light twenty-minute cardio workout. Your first inclination may seem to scoff at the idea, but you will soon become aware of how much your muscles have atrophied during the lockdown.

Be honest and forgiving with yourself during this time, you’re bound to make mistakes. Rather than attacking yourself and overanalyzing why you skipped a workout on a particular day, focus on what you can change moving forward.

Can you wake up earlier than normal and kick a workout’s butt before the day gets started? Should you place your clothes at the foot of the bed so you may have easier access to them the next day? Do you need an accountability partner to hold you to a higher standard? All of these questions may provide insight into becoming more consistent and productive with your physical activities.


Increase Rest Periods and Lower the Weight

Incorporate longer resting periods at the gym

Incorporate longer resting periods at the gym.

Now that you understand that your pre-pandemic body was much stronger and durable than your current physique, it’s time to address the elephant in the room: rest periods and weight loads. Remember how running seemed easy, your biceps would never tire and you thought you could squat forever? Although this may be a bit of an exaggeration, many people will soon find that their pre-COVID-19 bodies were much more efficient in the gym.

Don’t panic; this may seem a bit overwhelming at first. Your natural reaction may be to feel bad about yourself and abandon the thought of getting back in shape — don’t fret! By implementing extended rest periods between exercises and starting with lighter weight, we can build our stamina and muscle mass to its previous state.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you re-enter the gym and perform your routine with 50% of the energy that you exerted in the past. That means, in a general sense, that if you used 60kg for your squats, cut it in half! Similarly, if you were capable of running for five miles without breaking a sweat, perhaps two or three may serve your body well. Your main goal in the following weeks is to regain the capacity to push your body to new heights. Once you accomplish this, the world is your oyster.


Your Gains Will Return Faster Than You Think

Do you have a friend, family member or someone in your gym that has returned for a long hiatus? This person may have been in great shape in the past, but let it all slip away. The amazing thing that you may have noticed is how quickly they were able to get back into shape, regardless of the shape they were in a few weeks ago. How were they able to do this? Is it a case of an individual having great genetics, or is there another underlying component?

New literature about muscle memory was recently discussed in an article on Popular Science. In short, scientists have been able to demonstrate that the cells within our muscles don’t disappear when we decide to take a break from the gym, they simply shrink in size.

What this means to you, however, is that getting back into shape won’t take nearly as long as you may think. In the same article, researchers explain how the brain creates strong neural connections within the brain to make our physical actions easier to perform. If you’ve learned how to ride a bike, swim, jump rope or any other action, you can return to it years later and still perform efficiently. This is on account of your brain storing the ‘memory’ of that action into the deep recesses of your mind.

While there is no set-in-stone time in which you can expect to get your strength back, it can happen fairly quickly. Many gym enthusiasts find that their stamina and muscle fibers return in as little as a month. So if you find yourself thinking that you’ve erased all the hard work you performed before the quarantine started, think again! With the correct framework, nutrition, workout routine and high-quality supplements, anything is possible.


Get the Right Tools for the Job

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Become the Person You Were Meant to Be

If you’re ready to get your post-quarantine body back into shape, let’s get started! We know that deep inside of you is a burning desire to become more than you currently are. Don’t you want more energy to play with your kids, crush it at work, stop your procrastination and live in abundance? If these thoughts are living inside of you, it’s time to use the post-pandemic rebound as the launching board for your new life.

If you want to share your progress with us and become a leader of other fitness enthusiasts, IsaaXcess wants to hear from you. Who knows, your transformation may be the motivation that others need to change their health and fitness for the better.