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Benefits of Plant Based Protein Shakes

Why do we need Protein?

Protein is the basic requirement of human body. It is not only essential in producing hormones and enzymes but also plays a vital role in the creation and restoration of the cartilage, muscle and skin cells. About 1 gram of protein is required for 1 kg of the body weight and it is a very convenient way to fulfill the body requirement by taking protein powder. Plant based protein shakes provide the body, balanced nutrients and maintain an energetic lifestyle. Protein can help in the weight loss and plant base shakes are a very convenient way to get daily protein requirements of your body.

Plant Based Vs Animals Proteins

People who consume meat and dairy products in their daily diet usually have higher levels of fat in their blood this may lead to future health problems. Plant based protein shakes are very easy to digest as compared to animal proteins that need a considerable amount of time to get digested and can cause acidity or other stomach related issues. Increasing your plant based protein could help with digestive issues. Now a days growth hormones are used in the production of meat and dairy products that are not appropriate for the human health. Plant based protein shake is a great option to stay away from hormones that are present in animal proteins.

Many people think you must consume meat to get enough protein in the daily diet and that plant base proteins contain little amount of protein however this is not true. There are many plant base proteins that are complete proteins which consist of essential amino acids that can’t be produced by the human body. For instance, hemp seed is a complete protein along with omega-3s. Similarly, sea vegetables that include algae, seaweed are the rich sources of complete protein. You can also add supplements to other plant based protein sources to make a complete protein diet. Isagenix, the Isa Lean dairy free shakes, are a great way to achieve your daily protein needs.

Plant Based Proteins

Choosing your Plant Based Proteins

Plant based proteins can be obtained from various sources which include single source plant protein and combination of proteins.

There are multiple options for the single source protein that can be used to extract the protein from the particular source that include brown rice, hemp, and pumpkin seed protein. The single source protein is different from the animal source protein as it provides you a very small quantity of amino acids.

The plant based protein combination uses a mixture of useful proteins to synthesize a complete protein along with the entire amino acid profile. The single source protein provides you a strong taste and also offer gritty quality but combination plant protein deprived of any particular flavour as it is a blend of multiple plant proteins that wipe out intense essence. It is necessary to select the appropriate brand that can fulfill your body requirement. Isagenix offers you a complete plant based protein shake.


Why Choose Isa lean Dairy Free Shakes?

IsaLean dairy-free shakes are plant based protein shakes that provide a full amino acid profile and consist of quality nutrition. It also contains a very good quality protein, good fats, and carbohydrates that aid in enhancing the energy level which is very essential to support weight loss and growth of muscle mass. This shake also contains 8 g of filling fibers that are taken from the chia and flax seeds which is quite beneficial to keep the digestive system healthy.

Isagenix Dairy Free shakes are a great alternate for providing your body with a nutritious meal replacement.IsaLean dairy free shakes simply replaces your daily animal protein with the plant protein by offering plant base protein shakes. The shake is very helpful in supplying your body with its daily protein requirements and offers complete nutrition without accumulating the high amount of saturated fat in your body. Isagenix offers you a pure plant base protein shake that helps you achieve your health goals.