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Burning Fat on Autopilot: The Art of Losing Weight Easily

Have you struggled in the past to lose weight? Better yet, have you ever found yourself excited about a workout routine or diet scheme, only to fall off the horse a few weeks into your journey? Millions of people around the globe, specifically around major holidays and new years, tend to adopt a self-improvement mindset.

And to be honest, who doesn’t want to look better and have more energy? When we combine this with the fact that 2021 is right around the corner, what could go wrong? If you’re tired of making progress with your health only to procrastinate and become sedentary, here’s what you need to know.


Weight Loss With Minimal Effort; Is It Possible?

Do you believe that getting into amazing shape and sculpting healthy muscles is something that will take decades and exhaust your willpower?

Somewhere along the way, fitness experts, friends, family members and co-workers have convinced us that we must suffer and feel discomfort if we expect to lose weight and build endurance. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: the people who have stayed in great shape for years have learned to operate on autopilot and remove discipline from the equation.

Beautiful and Young Girl Doing Running Plank Exercise on Her Fitness MatHave you developed proficiency at a task, hobby or random skill? If so, ask yourself what it was like when you first started. If you’re like most people, you had to put in countless hours and force yourself to learn new tactics along the way. But after you put in the work and started to gain competence, the task didn’t seem so daunting anymore; it became fun and rewarding! You woke up each day with a newfound sense of pride and accomplishment from your actions.

In the same light, changing your body and improving your overall health will seem like a steep hill to climb when you get started; that’s OK! The difference between someone at the base of the mountain and someone at the peak is the continual effort those individuals have put in. Over time, your brain will produce new neural pathways and adopt behaviors that will make achieving your goal easier. In essence, losing weight becomes something that no longer feels like a difficult task, but something that comes easy.


Burn the Ships

In times of war and conquest, ship captains would often invade an unknown land and tell their crew to burn the ships. Although this may seem like an ignorant idea on the surface, it provides a much-needed incentive to prosper.

If we examine this thought process further, we can see the idea behind the captain’s request; if there are no ships available to escape or run away from danger, the only way to leave the island is to win the battle and succeed. Would it be possible to apply this same philosophy in our diet and exercise routine?

Don’t worry; we don’t have to have to set anything on fire! Instead, we want you to give yourself the best chance you have to succeed in losing weight, building muscle and increasing your strength. For this to be possible, we want you to take a quick look at the food items in your drawers, cabinets, pantry and refrigerator.

If there are any snack foods that you know will cause temptation once your diet change has begun, throw them out! By eliminating the chance to cheat on our diet, we don’t make success a what-if question; we make it the only way forward! The fact that you would have to get in the car, drive to the store, purchase the food and then come home to eat it makes cheating with junk food almost impossible.


Don’t Break the Chain

Can you recall an instance in the past where you were able to stay disciplined and focused for a respectable amount of time? Perhaps you had a work deadline coming up in a month, you restored a car or you were able to shed a few pounds in the span of weeks. Whatever the case may be, there was a strong psychological attachment to completing tasks daily.

Doing crunches during a gym classJerry Seinfeld, a world-class comedian and actor, was once asked by a fan how he was able to become successful and regularly come up with new material. Jerry replied that he tricked his brain into staying consistent by using a colored marker and a calendar to track his progress.

Seinfeld went on to explain that his only goal for each day is to write a single joke. He didn’t care if it was good, bad or mediocre; he just did it. When he completed the task, he would take the marker and draw an ‘x’ over the day. After a few weeks, this chain began to form into an impressive feat to see. “My goal is not to be funny, but to not break my chain!”

We can adopt this simple trick to ensure that working out and dieting become something that we succeed with in the future. Pull out a calendar and place it on your wall, or download an app on your phone that shows a breakdown of the month. Every day that you follow your diet or go to the gym, draw an ‘x’ on that day.

Although it may seem simple to perform this activity, your brain will subconsciously work to ensure you don’t break the chain. Seeing a chain of successful days under your belt will act as motivation on days where you can’t muster the energy to get off the couch.


Food Preparation

Most people that fail on their diet find that they often reach for unhealthy foods when inconvenienced. Let’s face it when you’re rushing home from work, chasing the kids around the house, paying bills and trying to get some chores done, making a nutritious meal seems like an afterthought. You would prefer to order some fast food and have it delivered, as opposed to making a well-balanced meal for yourself and the family.

While this may be OK to do once or twice a month, it’s a habit that can slowly poison your physique and undo all of your progress. Instead, we highly encourage you to make meals for multiple days throughout the week. By doing this, you will no longer have an excuse as to why you didn’t eat a healthy meal as opposed to a sugary snack.

Pick a day out of the week where you can block 1 or 2 hours out of your schedule. From here, use Tupperware or plastic containers in which to pack your food and keep it sealed from the air. We understand that each reader has different diet goals and food preferences, but here’s what you should keep in mind when cooking:

  • Use fibrous foods to keep hunger pangs at bay.
  • Save space for fresh fruit in your container.
  • Figure out unique ways to use leafy greens and whole-grain in the meal.
  • Foods with healthy fat such as avocado, fish oil, nuts, dark chocolate and fish are lifesavers!
  • Consider using refillable water containers to stay hydrated while on the run or in the office.

The key here is to emphasize convenience. As humans, our brain tells us that we should use the least amount of effort to achieve our desired goal. Knowing this, we can begin to hack our thoughts and emotions to get what we truly want — weight loss and muscle growth!


Use High-Quality Fuel

Do you remember when you got your first car? Most people, when they get the keys from their parents and permission to venture out on their own, tend to baby their automobile. They invest hours of their time every week to head down to the car wash, clean the exterior, vacuum the junk and coins from the back seat, put in a new air freshener and a coat of wax.

So if we’ll admit that we’re capable of using high-quality products for things that we care deeply about, how come we use crummy supplements? Here at IsaaXcess, we aim to provide great-tasting products and assistance to the individuals that take pride in their bodies and health. After seeing thousands of people fall short of their goals on account of lackluster supplementation, we knew something had to change in the supplement industry.

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Share Your Journey

Once you reach your goal, share the process you took to get there. At IsaaXcess, we strive to provide the tools and motivation for people to reach the finish line. Whether you’re a Canadian-based client or you live across the globe, join the thousands of individuals that have said ‘no’ to a mediocre life!