Can Lack Of Sleep Lead To Weight Gain?

Not Enough Sleep can mean Too Much Weight

It is no secret that not getting enough sleep can make us very sluggish during the hours we are awake. But, there are now lots of studies and research from leading medical research centres that show how not getting enough sleep on a daily basis can, and does, lead to weight gain. I know what you’re thinking: Wait a minute. How can I gain weight when I’m not eating anything?


Biology News Flash

The answer to why not getting enough sleep can actually result in weight gain boils down to nutrition and metabolism. The medical community has yet to fully understand the importance of sleep, but it has learned that lack of sufficient sleep negatively impacts our abilities to function at our best levels. The average adult’s body requires seven to nine hours of sleep. During this time our bodies actually work to restore our mental energies that have been exhausted during our waking hours. Sleep also helps us to rebuild and repair our hormones and tissues.


Nutritional Sleep

Lack of sleep disrupts our balance of two vital hormones, Ghrelin and Leptin, which tell our brains when we are hungry and when we are full. The Ghrelin hormone tells the brain that your body needs to eat and more of this hormone is produced when you do not have adequate sleep. The Leptin hormone tells the brain when you have eaten enough and levels of this hormone drop significantly when you do not have enough sleep and you are inclined to eat more. The more hours that you are awake, the more hours your body will urge you to eat, and you may not be able to curb your food cravings. This can be a very destructive, self-defeating cycle. Not only is it important to give your body a well balanced nutritional diet it as needs nutritional sleep.


Metabolic Sleep

Lack of sleep impacts our bodies’ ability to properly process the hormone Insulin. Normal levels of insulin are needed to convert sugar, starches, and fats into energy. When insulin levels are low, your body will have trouble keeping unwanted fats out of your bloodstream. This means that your body will keep and store these fats within your body. Lack of sleep disrupts your natural metabolism cycles and, rather than helping you lose weight, it is a contributing factor in weight gain.


We have all experienced the down side of too little sleep. We go through the day in a fog, we don’t have the mental clarity to handle daily chores or make clear decisions, we lack the energy to exercise, we reach for sugary foods to get a short burst of energy, and we may even nod off when we are sitting down. Lack of sleep can even affect our personalities. We are irritable, lose our sense of humor, and may even be rude to other people. Isagenix Boost and Sleep support can help with mental clarity and improve your sleep patters.

This is the only body you will ever have and you want to give it the same amount of respect you demand from others. Treat it well, get your seven to nine hours of sleep, and you will love the results. This definitely includes your ability to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

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